About Multimedia Aspire Solution

Bringing ICT to your doorstep


Multimedia Aspire Solution provide computer and technical consulting services . These include web design and maintenance, document management, system maintenance, graphics design, publishing.

Multimedia Aspire Solution has  designed and maintaining several websites and document management system for academic institutions and organizations. We have also helped a lot of publishers publish their journals online with journal system software. We didn’t stop there because we also provided professionals with ICT training through webinars e.t.c. to ensure advancement in their various careers.

Like our slogan Bringing ICT to your doorstep, we want to bring ICT to the grassroot. To achieve this, Multimedia Aspire Solution different units provide specific services to the society. These units include;

Web Design and Hosting – This unit designs, host and also maintain websites for individuals and organizations.

Software Development – This unit designs software that suits the need of your institution or organization.

Database and Document Management Systems – This unit helps institutions in managing their documents by providing a document management system and portal suitable for them. Document Management System includes but not limited to;

  • Education Management System
  • Hospital Management System

ICT training – This unit provides short courses on ICT for young and old professionals to become IT experts. The short courses are but not limited to these areas;

  • Web designing (HTML5, CSS, Java, Javascript, PHP et al)
  • Graphics Design (CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP,  Adobe Indesign, Inkscape et al)
  • Video Editing (Adobe Premiere pro, Pinnacle, Cyberlink PowerDirector,iMovie, Final cut pro, Wondershare Filmora et al)
  • CCTV Installation
  • Computer repairs/maintenance
  • Animation
  • Networking


Website and Social Network Promotion – This unit is tasked with promoting websites and social media networks like Facebook and Instagram et al.

System Sales. Installation, Maintenance and Repairs – This unit with our partners specializes in providing you with the system of your choice (Personal computers, CCTV, professional printers, scanners, spy devices et al) and also making sure your system is in good shape. They maintain and repair your systems.

Graphics Design, Branding/Customization and Publication – This unit provides graphics designing, branding and printing solution to individuals and organizations. Their services include but not limited to;

  • Logo creation
  • Complimentary cards, Invitation cards
  • Invoice/receipt
  • Posters, banners, flyers, invitation cards, stickers
  • Branding and customization of gift items like teacups, saucer, t-shirts, clocks, pen, phone pouch, plastic/paper bags et al
  • Publishing of textbooks, yearbooks, brochure, magazine, catalogue et al

Video Editing (VFX and SFX) – This unit provides visual and special effect to motion pictures.

Our mission
To provide ICT solutions to grass root of the society.

Our vision
To become a leading ICT company in the world.


Executive Director